The DDNi Leadership

MICHAEL KUPTZ - Chief Executive Officer

Michael joined DDNi in September 2008 and he is chartered with developing and growing the DDNi portfolio. Mr. Kuptz is responsible for executing DDNi’s strategy and leading the organization to achieve its annual goals and objectives. He works closely with the executive team to provide company direction and maintain a consistent focus on providing a software platform to improve the PC-user experience. Additionally, Mr. Kuptz works closely with the Chairman of the Board to ensure the Board fulfills its governance function.

Mr. Kuptz was Vice President and General Manager with Lenovo Group Limited, Americas Consumer Business Group where he launched Lenovo’s Consumer Products within the Americas. Previously, he served as the Vice President and General Manager of the U.S. Channel, Mid-Market and Transactional Business at Lenovo. Mr. Kuptz came to Lenovo from IBM's Personal Computer Division and was part of the Lenovo Acquisition of IBM’s Personal Computer Division. Mr. Kuptz spent 20 years at IBM and his career included numerous executive and management positions within IBM’s portfolio of offerings including system hardware and software sales, product development, server brand management and brand marketing. He has successfully launched new products and programs globally. Of particular note is the 64-Bit Risc Processor, World's smallest hard drive, the IBM Microdrive and new Lenovo consumer notebooks and desktops in North America.

Mr.Kuptz holds degrees in Economics and Political Science from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He also attended San Diego State University and was a guest lecturer and teacher at Fresno State University.

Mr. Kuptz is active in youth sports as an official, coach and program director. He is a Foundation Board Member and past Board Member of ISME, and CCWE.

GEOFFREY MARTIN - Chief Marketing Officer

Geoffrey Martin is responsible for setting the direction for all Digital Delivery Networks, Inc. (DDNi) products, marketing, and the customer experience.

Mr. Martin has an extensive background in advanced engineering environments and high technology companies that spans more than 20 years. He has held various leadership roles in Strategic Development, Data Center Management, Business Development, Contracts Management and Negotiations, Product Development and Internet Marketing. Mr. Martin has worked for many of the premier high technology companies including CAE Electronics,  Apple, 3Com, HP and now DDNI.

Mr. Martin was born in Montreal, Canada and is a graduate of Concordia University.

He thrives on building strong teams, growing companies and charting innovative new business models and products for computing devices to succeed in the Internet business space.

CHRIS MARINACCI - Vice President of Engineering

Chris Marinacci directs software architecture and development for DDNi.

Chris has over 25 years of software development experience in the PC industry and is responsible for delivering new and innovative products for many diverse companies. Chris’ projects have resulted in shipments in excess of 20 million units. His career has afforded him the opportunity to manage a wide range of projects including consumer software, political campaign database applications, software development tools, and games.

Mr. Marinacci studied Computer and Information Sciences at University of California Santa Cruz.

In his spare time he reads avidly, runs, and researches new software technology.

MICHAEL O'CONNOR - V.P. Business Development

Michael serves as Vice President of global business development for DDNi. In his role, he is responsible for bringing partner relationships to the DDNi OASIS platform.

Michael brings over 25 years experience in the high technology industry. He has held senior sales positions at Conner Peripherals, Sony, Seagate and Fujitsu. Throughout his career, Michael has focused on building strong relationship teams focused on long term strategic business opportunities.

Studied Psychology at Austin Community College

Mr. O'Connor was born in Vestal, New York and has lived in Montana, Texas, North Carolina and now California. His hobbies include spending time with his family, golf and mountain biking.

DAVID SAWIN - Vice President of Distribution

Dave leads Distribution of DDNi products. He drives new distribution partnerships through implementation, and drives the expansion of existing partnerships with new capabilities. Dave is most comfortable delighting his clients by understanding and solving their pain points with innovative solutions, delivered on time.

Dave has brings a wealth of saavy from customer-facing, innovation and operational roles at Lenovo, IBM, and others. Dave's unique combination of solution design skills and operational drive to "run the business" has allowed him to build businesses from the ground up on numerous occasions. He is a named inventor on 16 U.S. and international patents, has received several international product design awards organizations such as IDSA, iF, and Red Dot, and he has published many articles on customer-centric product design.

Mr. Sawin graduated with a BS in Psychology and Business Management, and holds an MS degree from Old Dominion University.

In his spare time, Dave enjoys travelling with his family.

RENÉ C. NORTH - Chief Financial Officer/Founder

Mr. North provides financial and operational leadership for DDNI since the company's inception and has implemented financial and operational systems for the company.

Mr. North has twenty years experience in finance and operations with technology companies both large and small, learning from larger organizations such as Lotus Development, Seagate Technology, Silicon Graphics, Tandem Computers, and from smaller companies and startups like JTS Corporation, Personic (AT Systems), and DigitalSquare.

Mr. North studied Computer Science at State University of New York, in Potsdam, NY and Finance at Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

A youth spent in France encouraged a passion in Mr. North for food, wine, and soccer (football for the rest of the planet).

LEE PETERSON - President/Founder

Lee Peterson is a member of the DDNi Board of Directors and is active in many strategic as well as tactical aspects of DDNi's business. Mr. Peterson conceived, designed and developed the technical architecture and strategic marketing concepts that are the basis for the DDNi business model.

During a career spanning 35 years, Mr. Peterson has held positions as Vice President of Sales at Seagate Technology and Maxtor Corporation, as well as positions in sales, marketing, development and finance at many high technology companies. Mr. Peterson has founded or co-founded several high technology start-up ventures including JTS Corporation, and Greystone Peripherals, Faultline Technology, and DigitalSquare. He is also named as Inventor or Co-Inventor on many filed patents.

Mr. Peterson holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Santa Clara and a BA in Political Science from San Jose State University.

Lee is an active musician, and avid blue water spearfisherman.